Now Buy your First ever Drone on this New Year 2k16


Drones are a new addition in the field of electronics and mechanics, you all have heard a lot about it as it is nowadays its talk of the town, you must have visualized drones at huge public gatherings, at elections champagne and other huge gatherings, they have served for a long time in this field and showed them self very successful and useful.When this trend started, at first, it was not accepted in the beginning because the investors were not ready to invest it, but as its use at small places made a success more investors started entering into the market for its betterment and improvement. And now you could see the all new and improved drones all over in the market, every day new specs are added into such drones to move them to better quality.

As it were largely used only for huge public gatherings to take a birds eye view as mentioned above, but now the trends have changed a lot now it is used extensively for investigation, research purpose more. The cheapest and most simple drone that you can buy in 2016 is of $100, with other drones with acamera which start little at more prices. But if you move towards the complex side those drones that cost near 1000 or more dollars, also offered the best features with features that are customized and are fully programmable, due to which these devices are made completely automatic and can take their decisions like a robot, in previous time they were referred to as robots due to their automatic properties.

This article will help you in knowing the tips of how to shop for drones and where you will get the reasonable one.If you want to learn that how a drone flies then first, you have to learn how it crash. The learning process ends in mishaps and other issues so the beginner should start working with a bit tough drone.

UDI U818T drone:

So for such danger, the best so far available drone with lots of features and low price is of $47.99 UDI U818T it is the best one to choose for the beginnerand is tough enough to withstand the shocks. It contains four-loop style frame that can protect the large rotors when got acrash, and its rotors are very cheap in price. Which starts at therate of $3 or even less?It also contains the video camera which is seriously a bonus for all the fresher’s which is of 640×480 pixel of avideo camera. It is not that good that it will produce the effect of video like Stanley Kubrick, but it will fulfill your demand too much extent. So if you have opted to buy a cheap and reasonable drone then now learn well to fly it in its best possible way.

Blade Nano QX drone:

Now for you is the Blade Nano QX drone. This is the drone with the best features with very much reasonable price. Its prices get started with the low-budget i.e. $100. The Blade QX is much faster and usable with anall the best features. If you will take it to the tree top and it gets stuck then don’t panic. If you want to buy a good camera drone, then you don’t have to find out the budget and have to take aloan from the bank.

The Parrot Bebop 2 is the best to buy for those who want both, the low price and the good video camera. It has all the spec that you will find in the expensive one which includes good battery time;it is available at the price of $550 and is the best price if you want to buy both quality and quantity. For such devices spare parts easily available.

The Axis Aerius drone gives the best price but is bit expensive because its features are very high, and prices are very good. It is available in the market at therateof $35 it is very much cute and its size is also half of those above. It is the best because it could be flown even at night due to four beam lights located at the base of this drone. It is referred as world’s first smallest quadcopter. The remote controller is made up of good quality plastic with a protective dome on it so that it could be saved and could be made easy to use.

Parrot Bebop 2:

If you want to have very good battery time, then you don’t have to use anexcess of the loan and lost lots of budgets. Now you can buy such kind of drone at anonly low price of 550; this drone is used to get the best picture through this drone. It does not have any separate controller device, and it could be used with smartphone simply.

Before you buy and fly the drone get to know some of its features:

These gadgets are not complicated at all, and you can buy it easily except for the few features which you should keep in mind while you buy them.

Local requirements of drones:

There are some set of rules that you have to follow before you buy the drone and while using. Following are the two which are very important:

  • Always remember that never fly drones on the top of people it may cause serious consequences.
  • Remember to keep all your drones in the sight and never lose its visibility.

Before you fly adrone, a whole list of FAA is available that you have to go through it is called safety guidelines for model aircraft.

Rules and regulations also apply on the rage you fly this drone and at what height it should never be exceeding the height limit of 5miles of any airport. It is also available with a map box that provides a much interactive map that shows where to fly and how to fly.

Another ruleask to register all your drones when you buy them, and they will provide you with the license only then you could fly them. There is also an online procedure to register the drones at the cost of $5. And is also applied to the drones with weight around 0.55 Ib and 55Ib or more. This encircles almost half of the drones of the favorite. The point you get registered you will be provided with the unique and exclusive serial number that you need to adhere to your drone. Every three year you have to renew the registration of your drone. If you fail to do so, then it will cost penalty of $250000 or more.

drone with camra

Drone controls and functions:

These are mostly operated with joysticks on the remote control. It looks like a remote controller of a play station or any X-box. One joy stick controls the height and altitude of the drone and the other controls the pitch of the drone i.e. its movement and tilts up and down. Now as advancement in drones have taken place companies have omitted the use of the remote controller and use the smart phones with which it is attached to the Wi-Fi and many apps of flying.With thehelp of these apps, you can visualize the flying video online. Apps are bit difficult to control in the procedure because it could cause mishap by aslip of thumb from the mobile causing crash.

The procedure of construction and the procedure of repair:

No doubt the drones look very good on adsetc.,butit’s not the reality, it gets acrash every time if you are the beginner. It will occur without any damage to theframe. The shields etc. are fitted to protect the drones. If any harm occurs to the drone, then don’t worry replicable parts are present ready.

Talking about batteries now:

The battery that the drones provide is for about 10 to 30 minutes, but if you want to have a long time of flying then a swap of thebattery is very effective, and this is the most upcoming complicated feature. The batteriescost almost $100 and even more.

Now coming to the camera:

The drones are fitted with acamera for two basic reasons which are either to record video or to capture the pictures, for this purpose many ranges of thecamera are available in the market but as the quality of the camera becomes better and as the resolution power increases the price of the drone also increases.

Drones were introduced into the world of gadgets and electronics first time in the year 1995 and were thought that they will never work, it was designed by a simple electronics engineer student, but then he failed because they thought it will never be accepted by the market users.


This article will provide you lot of information about the drones types, its features, its prices and the drones with and without acamera. This will be an informative article for all of the readers.